Al Hiwar


Al-Hiwar (  is an Arabic language satellite TV channel broadcasting from London. Al-Hiwar (meaning "Dialogue" in Arabic) was set up by a number of Arab intellectuals and businessmen from Britain and the Arab World.


  • A cause and a dialogue (Arabicقضية وحوار‎)
  • An encounter in London (Arabicلقاء في لندن‎)
  • Bridges (Arabicجسور‎)
  • Clearly (Arabicبوضوح‎)
  • East and West (Arabicشرقٌ و غرب‎)
  • Event's highlights (Arabicأضواء على الأحداث
  • For all the Arabs (Arabicلكل العرب‎)
  • Revisions (Arabicمراجعات‎)
  • Rights of the people (Arabicحقوق الناس‎)
  • Exclusive interview (Arabicحوار خاص‎)

Al Hiwar’s registered address is in the Westgate House which has been accused of serving as a hub for Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas operations in Western Europe.

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