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German Music Television is a digital television station that is dedicated to German-language music Primarily music videos and music broadcasts of the music genres Schlager Pop- Schlager and popular Schlager are broadcast The musical genres of German Pop and German Rock also take place on the fringes . The broadcaster focuses its program on the target group 30+. Several program reforms confirm this attitude.

The station's program is free and free to receive 24 hours a day. The broadcaster is financed by spots as well as permanent commercials / teleshopping The responsible supervisory authority is the Bremische Landesmedienanstalt (brema).

The German Music Television GmbH & Co KG holds 100% of the station.

Deutsches Musik Fernsehen ist ein digitaler Fernsehsender, der sich der deutschsprachigen Musik verschrieben hat. Gesendet werden in erster Linie Musikvideos und Musiksendungen der Musikgenres Schlager, Pop-Schlager sowie volkstümlicher Schlager. Am Rand finden auch die Musikgenres Deutsch-Pop und Deutschrock statt. Der Sender fokussiert sein Programm auf die Zielgruppe 30+. Mehrere Programmreformen bestärken diese Haltung.

German music television programs  

Current shipments  

  • Christian hit parade (since 2015, moderation: Lydia Huber)
  • The big dream concert (since April 2014, moderation: Ingo Blenn)
  • The NEW big countdown earlier The countdown (current earlier Florian Flesch)
  • Desired melodies early greetings and kisses (, current: Desirée Siyum, Sascha Heyna Bert Beel Michael Niekammer)
  • The new Great Wish Concert earlier The Great Wish Concert (current with Maximilian Arland earlier with Ingo Blenn)
  • Special Artist (since 2016)
  • Singing makes you happy (since 2016, moderation: Lydia Huber and Benjamin Grund)
  • Musi time earlier folk music for everyone (since 2013, moderation: Nico Schwanz, since 2015: Lydia Huber)
  • Legends of folk music (since 2017, moderation: Lydia Huber)
  • Amigos-TV (since 2018, moderation: Ingo Blenn)
  • Hits and music feature films (e.g. with Im singing Rössl at Königssee Heintje - one day the sun will shine again or I'd rather buy a Tyrolean hat)
  • The Schlager Jukebox
  • Teleshopping
  • Music tips
  • German gold (current with Michael Niekammer)
  • live concerts
  • Cuddling night with Anna-Carina Woitschack
  • The super hit parade of folk music hosted by Carolin Reiber is a repetition of the ZDF folk music broadcast from 1983 to 2005
  • Peter Steiner's Theaterstadl

Former shipments  

  • Advent, Advent (2013, moderation: Olaf Malolepski and family)
  • Andy's "hit salute"
  • Andy's "music paradise"
  • Benno & Corinne Bogner's “Music Carousel”
  • "The popular German hit magazine" with Marion Feldmeier and Lucas Bach
  • The "Dortmund TV Garden" with Nicole Kruse and Uwe Kisker
  • "The German hit hit parade" with Andy in cooperation with smago and AdS
  • "Schlagerbühne and Happy Round" with Bert Beel
  • "TV music box" from Ludwigshafen
  • "Currently with us" with Florian Flesch
  • "Let's go musicians" with Stefan Lucca
  • "The German Schlager Festival" with Natalie Langer
  • "The great pop hit night"
  • "Fire of the night"
  • "Good morning" with Nico's tail
  • "Hits nonstop (since February 2015)
  • Hafenbar "with Fiete Münzner and Uta Carina
  • "Cult" with Natalie Langer
  • "Melodies in the morning"
  • "Music like velvet and silk"
  • "Party" with Florian Flesch
  • "Party Alarm (From the" Beer King "on Mallorca)"
  • "Poetry album" with Ingo Blenn
  • "Schlager Traumreise" with Ingo Blenn; Kerstin Merlin
  • "Starting meeting" with Armin Stöckl
  • "When the music comes" with Robert Waltenberg
  • "Our Stars" with Ingo Blenn
  • "Our hits"
  • "Time together"

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