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News Channel - News 2 - Live broadcast from 8pm to 9pm daily throughout the year except Yom Kippur, and broadcast live special flashes according to the event (such as terrorist acts, visits by various presidents in the country, etc.)

Beyond live broadcasts, the channel broadcasts the news live all day long.

The Israeli News Company, also known by its abbreviated name The News Company, also called News 12 (until November 1, 2017 was also named with the Channel 2 reference - News 2), is an Israeli communications company that currently produces the news releases and most current news programs for Keshet 12. Prior to that, she produced for many years Israeli Channel 2 and all its franchisees - Telad, Rainbow and Network, and after split Channel 2 on Network 13.

Despite being a major news company in Israel, for almost all the years the company did not have an official website. In most cases, the company has partnered with various sites on the network.

During 2008, the company launched its web desk and in August 2008, the company launched its website on Mako and a network that combines television content and unique content such as "videopedia" - a video encyclopedia that combines the company's content since its inception, "behind the scenes", "indeed difficult pictures", "Past titles" and more.

In March 2010, the company launched the "News Channel" on the Internet, including a studio specifically set up for it.

The news channel broadcasts live on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., and includes an open studio strip, flashes, the company's first-edition, six-nation, savings program, and the major news release 2.

The channel opens for special broadcasts also on weekends and holidays.

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