Keshet 12


Keshet 12 is an Israeli commercial television channel of Keshet Broadcasting Ltd. that presents many content of host shows, current affairs, and shows.

Among the programs: What is this nonsense?!: Adi Ashkenazi entertainment program and standup in a new season.

Miller Junction: Comic Series With Adir Miller in his own role, in a new season Bike of Israel: The Cooking Reality Program in a New Season Hosted by Corin Gideon Night Club: The Entertainment Program with the Recognized Panel in a New Season, Led by Erez Tal Master Chef: The Recognized Cooking Reality Program in the New Season. For Eurovision: Music Reality Show, hosted by Rotem Sela and Essie Essen. Sabri Marnan: The Family Comic Series Returns in New Fact: Investigative Program Hosted by Ilana Dayan Tonight with Puppy Alfie: The Recognized Nocturnal Hosted by Alfie Puppy in New Season Makesh from Keshet was established in October 2008 to provide a surfer The Israeli is the most interesting and relevant content in all walks of life, along with the best and most reliable news updates every day, and it has millions of users every day. tv, featuring the best programs from Rainbow as well as beat To participate live in some of them, as well, Israel's largest Facebook page where delicious variety of our high-quality content. At mako you will find a wide variety of independent content channels from all walks of life, including celebs, culture, music, nexter, good food, men, women, LIVING, home and family, 9 months, Car, PZM, Freedom, Spirit, Fashion Forward , HIX, Pride, Shironet, Studies and Careers, here builders, IL attorneys and more that will provide you with interesting content, for any age and every moment of the day, whether you are a school student or just enlisted, excited students or parents at the start, planning your next vacation or Expect the first grandson - for each and every one of you rich content channels including everything that interests you, and on the site you will also find m magazine, mako weekend magazine, which has become one of the most read Mako works closely with Channel 2 News Company, and News Team 2 online updates all the most important events around the clock on the site to catch up on all the hot news, great stories and color stories of the best news and commentators, as well as watch live broadcasts News channel - those broadcast on Channel 2 alongside unique mako broadcasts, so you can stay up-to-date even if you're at work, abroad or just missed the article everyone is talking about. All along with the best content is channel 2 "Keshet" - the leading television content body in Israel - with all the favorite shows like Big Brother, Master Chef, Next Star, Great Land, Fact, Sabri Marnan, Channel 24 traffic light and more. In mako you will find full episodes of the shows, a glimpse behind the scenes and exclusive content for the surfers. Behind the site is a large system of dozens of senior executives, editors and reporters, all breathing and living the content they are reviewing and committed to quality, objective and creative content. mako here to accompany you throughout the day - update and entertain. We are here, every hour, with everything that is new, everything that is hot and everything that is important to the lives of us all.

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