Reshet 13


Network 13 is an Israeli commercial television channel for Media Network Inc., and broadcasts on Episode 13 and shows many content of host shows, current affairs, and shows.

Among the programs:

The Morning Strap of the Network - Morning World, "The Good Life" with Kobe Needle and Dana Pan Luzon

Current and Inquiry Programs such as - The System, Lost, Guy Lerer's New Plan called "The Piping"

Reality programs such as - Ex Factor Israel, Chef Games, The Million Race, Big Brother, The Voice Israel, Survival, Kitchen Revolution and more.

All news programs will be broadcast on Channel 12, along with "The Night Show" (which will only be broadcast on Channel 13).

On January 16, after the end of Channel Ten broadcasts and News Ten in Channel 14 and their content switched to Channel 13, a site and Channel Ten app also turned their names into "News 13", with the "Network 13" app "News and News" pointing to the "News 13" site. On January 22, 2019, the channel's management announced that 75 employees will be laid off from both companies

Among the successful and beloved programs of Network 13 are the Big Brother, The Survivor Show, The Million World Race Program, The Music Shows, Ex Factor, The Four, The Good Talent Talent Program, The Chef's Successful Cooking Format, The Harmonic Drama, The Comedies Nabso In the 1980s, Zvi has a problem, the movable docs are selling this land of Israel, leading investigative programs, hosting plans, documentaries, suspense, action and more - all drawn from Israeli reality, from the dilemmas of our lives, from the most complicated places where Israelis meet In this and the problems that make up our lives.

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