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RT France, also known as RT en français, is the French version of the Russian international news channel RT. The channel is based in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt and funded by the Russian government(Not data).

Similar to other RT channels, the neutrality and objectivity of RT France's information is regularly questioned.

RT revealed in late 2015 its willingness to develop its TV network among the French-speaking audience in countries such as France, Belgium and Switzerland.[1] The channel was launched on December 18, 2017, broadcasting in France, Belgium, Canada and the Mediterranean. 

Xenia Fedorova currently holds the position of President and News Director.  The newsroom has 70 journalists and a technical staff of around 50.

The channel, like other RT channels, cycles around 30 minutes of news and 30 minutes of other features, 24/7, and is able to provide rolling coverage on breaking news events when warranted.

RT operates as a multilingual service with conventional channels in five languages: the original English-language channel was launched in 2005, the Arabic-language channel in 2007, Spanish in 2009, German in 2014 and French in 2017. RT America (since 2010),  RT UK (since 2014) and other regional channels also offer some locally based content.

RT is a brand of "TV-Novosti", an "autonomous non-profit organization", founded by the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, on 6 April 2005.  During the economic crisis in December 2008, the Russian government, headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, included ANO "TV-Novosti" on its list of core organizations of strategic importance of Russia. 

RT has been described as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government  and its foreign policy.  RT has also been accused of spreading disinformation  by news reporters,  including some former RT reporters.  The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has repeatedly found RT to have breached its rules on impartiality and on one occasion found it had broadcast "materially misleading" content.  RT's editor-in-chief compared it with the Russian Army and Defence Ministry and talked about it "waging the information war against the entire Western world."[5] In September 2017, RT America was ordered to register as a "foreign agent" with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Under the act, RT is required to disclose financial information to the U.S.

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