Shopping 21


The Shopping Channel is a commercial Israeli television channel that specializes in presenting and selling consumer products to the audience of viewers on HOT, YES and Partner TV.

Each program (except "TV Shop America") has a facilitator who lists the products that will be in the program at the beginning and end of the program. Each product is shown by a short video of up to 5 minutes. During the broadcast, the facilitator mentions the call center and the channel's website, through which the products can be purchased. Each month there are 2–3 concentrated days of photography, and every day about 20 videos are taken. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day throughout the year (but not on Yom Kippur and State Memorial Days in Israel). Sequence broadcasts start at 2 p.m., and continue until midnight. The rest of the day broadcasts the programs on replay. The channel was founded in 1995 by Globus Group and the Dahaf Group. The channel's offices are located on Jerusalem Boulevard in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and the broadcast studios are located in the Neve Ilan media community. The channel's CEO is Oren Jourbin.

The channel can be picked up by HOT, YES and Partner TV subscribers on Channel 21.

To the physical stores channel in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer Sheva.

The channel products can be purchased in 4 ways: shopping at the physical stores, through the channel's call center, purchasing on the channel site, or ordering on the channel widget.

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